Neural Mobilization

The Basics

Nerves are thin elastic cords that run throughout our body and send signals between the brain and body. They make muscles move, tell us what we feel and whether certain movements or activities sometimes hurt. In addition to muscles and joints, we can move nerves to assess how they may be producing pain and loss of function with your problem. If the issue is nerve related, we can then find ways to move your nerves to help pain and improve their function. Sometimes nerves can be the cause of certain pains so why target the symptoms when you can get to the root of the problem!


What Is The Assessment?

To determine a cause, we start by checking for any weaknesses in the body which may indicate a problem with the nerve. Next, we place the body in various positions that move a specific set of nerves to see if the nerve response shows any abnormalities.


How Does That Move The Nerve?

Just as tendons, muscles and joints move, so do nerves! Each nerve can be tensioned with distinct and specific body positions. Nerves originate in the spine and reach out to different points in the body. Just as it is possible to test the physical function of tendons, joints and muscles, so is it possible to do this with nerves. They can in fact be moved in many ways because they slide and become taught, or looser, depending on whichbody movements are performed. We use movements of the spine, arms and legs to produce these nerve movements and we can even reduce force transiently on nerves that are compressed or not moving properly.


What Positions Will I Have To Be Put Into?

The positions we select personally for you are tailored to the nerve that may be causing your symptoms and your pain. Most positions involve lying down on your back, lying on your side, or sitting up at the edge of a table. We then move the arm or leg in various ways that can move different nerves depending on what is needed.


Does It Hurt When You Move My Nerves?

Our goal is to make all movements during treatment comfortable. We follow a system that has been developed at Neurodynamic Solutions, in which all our clinicians are trained. We follow a series of movements that help to

isolate the problem and help improve movement and the activities you need to do without pain.


How Long Does It Take?

It depends. We tailor our treatment to each individual. Recovery times vary according to many factors and we ascertain these when we evaluate your problem. Not everyone has nerve related pain but it can be missed when presenting like a muscle or joint problem.


What If I Have More Questions?

Throughout each session we will explain what and why we are doing anything in as much or little detail as you prefer. You can also visit the Neurodynamic Solutions webpage for more info, published articles on how and why it works, and videos of techniques used during sessions. The website is Check out our Northgate Physical Therapy Facebook page or Instagram account for videos we post about the treatments.





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