PATIENT Testimonials

"After suffering chronic back pain for many years with a persistent source

of spasm in my lower back, dry needling brought me relief that has allowed

me to do activities that previously caused me pain, with a minimum of

soreness after. I look forward to being able to resume sports activities

that I had been forced to give up due to my pain."

- Gayle, MD and former PT


"I came to Northgate Physical Therapy as a last resort after having

consulted with a surgeon to see what my options were to help with pain from

a 'pinched nerve' in my neck. They all had the same confidence in the

techniques they used and convinced a skeptic like me, actually saving me

from an unnecessary surgery. Northgate Physical Therapy is structured to

provide excellent care and give adequate time to each patient."

- Pete


"I had a serious vehicle accident fracturing both my femur, tibia, and

fibula. I began physical therapy at Northgate Physical Therapy after 4

operations and had an additional 2 operations. Now 10 months after my

initial accident, I am walking again. The staff did a superb job in every

phase of my recuperation including regaining range of motion, strengthening

my injured leg, and learning to walk again. I highly recommend their

knowledgeable, friendly, and professional staff."

- Bob


"I've referred patients to them and I've been a patient of theirs myself.

In all instances, I've been very pleased. They're extremely knowledgeable,

treat everyone with the utmost care, and stay up-to-date on new techniques.

My patients have nothing but praise for them.

A few years back, I had a herniated disc. After a few weeks, I was

pain-free, and all because of them."

- James, MD


"I had a very complicated shoulder injury. It required multiple surgeries

with the last being a complete replacement. I am certain if it wasn't for

their attention to detail I would still be struggling to raise my arm above

my head. As it is, I have almost full range of motion, am able to still

play golf, and I will forever be grateful."

- Ken

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